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Redskins Place First Round Tender On Jason Campbell

Jason Campbell had a first round tender placed on him by the Redskins Wednesday, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter. The tender is for 110% of last year's base salary, which will amount to over $3.1 million.

This now means that if another team wants the quarterback, they would have to surrender a first round pick to the Skins in order to sign Campbell, assuming the Skins opted not to match the other team's offer. If no offer is made, then Campbell will earn $3.14 million from Washington in 2010, a raise from last season's salary of $2.857 million. That's not at all confusing, right?

The move is somewhat puzzling, considering the Redskins could have simply opted for a tender matching the round in which he was drafted (the first round), meaning a smaller salary, but considering that most of the teams rumored to be interested in Campbell are drafting high, it is unlikely he will be going anywhere.

The news was not very surprising, and Campbell said earlier today that he was not really worried about it.

"I'm really not worried about it," Campbell said today in a phone interview. "I'm just letting my agent handle it." [...]

"It will just drive you crazy if you sit around and worry about it all the time. Yeah, you can understand why a lot of guys are frustrated. But I'm just looking at it like I'm going to just keep working hard in the offseason, get myself ready for the season and go out and just try to have a great year."