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Nets Daily Moves To SB Nation

If you're an avid reader of NBA blogs, you've definitely heard of Nets Daily. If you're not, you'd probably scoff at there being fans of a team that's now 6-54.


But those fans exist, and most of them congregate on Nets Daily to curse out Yi Jianlian, praise Brook Lopez and ponder the effect of having a crazy new Russian owner. As of today, Nets Daily is officially a part of the SB Nation platform, so go check it out when you get a chance.


If you're a Nets fan, you'll love having the ability to share your misery with people like yourself. If you're not a Nets fan, well, it's fun to read a nearly unanimous lack of support for Yi. Either way, it's a win, or, in other words, something the Nets don't do very often. HEY-YO!