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Report: Karlos Dansby Flying To Miami Tonight

Soon-to-be free agent Karlos Dansby has been rumored to be a target of the Dolphins for some time now so it’s no surprise to hear that Dansby is flying to Miami tonight.

According to the National Football Post, Dansby is making his way south but his intent when down there isn’t clear.

The word the National Football Post picked up this afternoon is that the linebacker, who will become a free agent in a little less than eight hours, is boarding a plane for the Miami area in, well, a little less than eight hours.

That would be a convenient trip with the Miami Dolphins long rumored to be one of the leading candidates for Dansby’s services.

“Convenient” is right….if Dansby flies to Miami and quickly signs with the Dolphins then I think it’s safe to assume that there’s been some tampering going on.

Dansby is reportedly seeking somewhere in the neighborhood of $30 million guaranteed. The Dolphins have publicly expressed an interest in adding some help at inside linebacker.

Awfully convenient.

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