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NCAA Tournament Expansion Is 'Probable,' According To Man Who Has No Say In The Matter

Just because Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany no longer has a direct say in the NCAA decision-making process doesn’t mean his opinion isn’t informed. Delany once served as chairman of the NCAA men’s basketball committee, has massive influence of collegiate athletics, and now says it is “probable” that the committee will expand the NCAA Tournament field to 96 teams. In order to expand the field for the ’11 Tournament, the decision will have to be made this summer. Discussions are expected to start April 29th when the NCAA board meets in Indy.

Delany himself seems to be against expansion, which he thinks would damage the regular season, an argument you may have heard him make in defense of his precious BCS. So, perhaps we should be happy Delany no longer has any control over what college basketball does with its postseason.