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VIDEO: Phil Mickelson's Pretty Ridiculous Shot Through The Trees

We mentioned it earlier on Sunday, and many were calling it the shot of the 2010 Masters as soon as the ball bounced down on the green, but it's worth directing our attention to it once more: Phil Mickelson's shot on the 13th truly was remarkable, amazing, gutsy, and about a 17 other adjectives. If you missed it, here's the video:

I guarantee you I would have found a way to hit both of those trees on that shot.

Obviously, we were not the only ones to appreciate the greatness of that shot today. From Devil Ball Golf's Jay Busbee:

Let's set the stage. Phil, Lee Westwood and K.J. Choi are passing the lead back and forth. Anthony Kim has shaved five strokes off his score over four holes, and sits just one stroke back.

On the par-5 13th, Mickelson puts his tee shot into the Georgia pines. He's 200 yards from the pin, with Rae's Creek guarding the hole. So what does Phil do?

Why, grips it tight and goes for the green, of course. He splits two upright pines like Adam Vinatieri and drops the ball three feet from the cup. Unbelievable. It was a classic shot, and it may well have won him the Masters.