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Know Your Conference-Based Bragging Rights

Win your (verbal) bar-based arguments on relative schedule superiority with an assist from Rivals, which has helpfully compiled a comparative list of schedule strengths by conference. Among the tidbits to be gleaned:

• Most I-AA schools on the schedule: ACC.
• Only five home games: Maryland, Northwestern.
• Eight home games: Auburn, Ohio State.
• Still haven't scheduled all their opponents for 2010: Syracuse.
• Only Big 10 team not playing an AA opponent: Ohio State.
• Only SEC team not playing a I-AA opponent: Vanderbilt.
• Haven't played a non-conference game against a major-conference team in five seasons: Texas Tech.
• Mid-major schools who love big paychecks and bigger routs, playing cupcake for four Big Six teams each: Florida International, Western Kentucky.

The full list is available here.