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The Little Caesars Bowl Tie-Ins Will Alter The College Football Landscape Forever

The Little Caesars Pizza Bowl, which is a real football game, has locked down its conference tie-ins through 2013, and will feature one of the two top-ranked teams in the MAC against … the eighth-ranked team in the Big Ten.

Why is this news? For a start, when the Increasingly Inaccurately Named Big Ten balloons to a totally not-imaginary 16-team megalith conference, being No. 8 will be totally prestigious. Also, when continent-altering earthquakes shave off both coasts and an NCAA football playoff is implemented for what remains of America, the and Little Caesars bowls will host the Final Football Four prior to the national championship game (now known as "the GMAC Bowl"), giving the B10 and MAC much-desired legs up on the competition. It's the Pizza Pizza Play-In, coming to a flyover state near you (in 2012, if the Mayans have anything to say about it).