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NBA Playoffs Adopt-A-Team: Boston Celtics, Because It's Their Last Shot

The Celtics might look old, but they've been to the mountain top before. Jeff Clark from SB Nation's Celtics Blog says this might be their last shot at getting back there. 

You should root for the Celtics because this could very well be the last time this team has a shot with this core group of players.  

The next decade could very well be dominated by LeBron (wherever he lands), Wade, Durant and the other young stars of the league. But anyone who grew up watching basketball in the 2000's knows full well how special the Big Three are. Kevin Garnett was a freak and dominant force who suffered through year after year in Minnesota without the proper pieces around him to take the next step. Ray Allen might just go down as the greatest shooter ever, but wasn't able to shoot his teams to a title. Paul Pierce stuck with the team that drafted him for his whole career. They all came together like Voltron and finally won a title in 2008. They were robbed of an encore in 2009 when KG went down late in the season.


This could very well be their last shot. One last run for glory for the Big Three. Ray is a free agent this offseason and nobody is quite sure if he'll be back. KG and Pierce have been running hot and cold from playing through various minor injuries this year. It is only a matter of time before they transition to "veteran role player" status. Sooner or later the reigns of this team are going to be handed over to Rondo to see how far he can take them. It could be as early as next year.

But don't count them out yet. These old guys still have some spring left in their step. They've had a very uneven regular season (in particular since Christmas) but they showed early in the year that they can still be dominant when healthy. By all accounts, they are as healthy as they are going to be headed in to the playoffs. If they play the type of defense they have become known for, they can beat anyone.



Root for Paul Pierce to take his place among the greats of Celtic past. Root for Ray Allen to convince the Celtics to let him retire in Boston and break Reggie Miller's three-point record there. Root for Kevin Garnett to win the title again so he can try to top his "anything's possiblllllllllllllllllllle" howl with something even more over the top. Root for the Celtics so the new stars can see that defense still does win championships.

A new dawn is ready to break for the NBA. This offseason could usher in some seismic shifts to the balance of power. But before that happens, lets put a cap on this era by watching the old guard go out on top.