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NBA Playoffs Adopt-A-Team: Phoenix Suns, Because They're Fun, Funny And Better Than Ever

Some of our bloggers took this exercise more literally than others and actually wrote letters to you fans. Here, now, is a message for you to root for the Suns, courtesy Trevor Paxton of SB Nation's Suns blog Bright Side of the Sun.

Dear friend,

Hello there! It's nice to meet you. Even though you may not know who I am, and I likely don't know who you are, I feel that we share a certain common link. A bond, if you will. A deep rooted, unwavering connection that would make any You've Got Mail or Sleepless in Seattle junkie jealous.

No, I'm not suggesting that we exchange emails or happen across each other via radio program. I'm talking about our love for the game of basketball. In our short time together, I will be talking about my love for the game. I could just give you the team name and have it speak for itself, but I will expand upon them in an attempt to help you understand just why the Phoenix Suns are deserving of your undying and unadulterated devotion, if only for this year's NBA playoffs.

The Phoenix Suns are the epitome of spirited, fun basketball. Now, I know that you are probably thinking, "Now, every team can lay claim to being 'fun' or 'spirited'. It's all a matter of perspective." Well, my new friend, you would be right.

However, there's something special about this Phoenix Suns team. Steve Nash, the age defying, future Hall of Fame point guard, is in the proverbial driver's seat for this team. If you don't get excited every time Steve Nash pulls off an assist of the "Did he really just make that pass?!" or "He must have eyes in the back of his head!" nature, you may need to seek medical attention, as you probably don't have a soul. Steve Nash is the embodiment of entertaining basketball. Since his return to Phoenix (and subsequent re-unleashing by head coach Alvin Gentry), the Suns have played a style nearly no one can describe as "boring" or "mundane."  

Another huge reason to want to lay claim to the boys in purple and orange is ... Amare Stoudemire. Amar'e Stoudemire. Amaré Stoudemire. It doesn't matter which variation of his name/apostrophe placing you use, one thing still rings everlasting: the man is a beast. A monster. An absolute barbarian. After going down in the offseason with what could have been a career altering eye surgery, Amare has slowly worked his way back up to the ranks at the top of the NBA. I could go on for hours on how amazing Amare has been this season, and it still wouldn't adequately describe just how much the man has dominated.  

Oh, and in case you've been living under a rock for this season, here's a small sample of what you've been missing:



Ahem. Sorry, where were we?  Oh yes ... Amare Stoudemire. Now, if that video didn't prove to you that the Phoenix Suns are the team you should be watching in the postseason, I am truly sorry for you. However, because you are my new friend, I will offer more evidence as to just how awesome this bunch is.

The emergence of a young bench, brimming with an intense drive and determination. The Suns' bench has been truly remarkable, playing with heart and passion. However, even more than the spirited fist pumps and all out play, the Suns' bench is telling of a deep playoff run. In years past, the Phoenix Suns were always one of the best teams in the league. They were always one of the favorites to go home with the ever elusive Larry O'Brien trophy.

However, a lack of depth and true talent beyond the first six or seven players is what hindered the Suns from ever achieving that goal. One might blame it on bad luck, saddle up and get on the "I Hate David Stern" bandwagon, or simply resort to apathy when discussing years past. But, with the emergence of young Slovenian point guard Goran Dragic, Lou "My Ponytail Is Better Than Yours" Amundson and deep range threat Channing Frye, the Suns make the case that they can rely on their bench in crunch time, providing rest for their starters. Oh, and we can't forget Jared Dudley, fierce competitor and possessor of the most athletic hands in history.



So, if uptempo, thrilling, and leave-your-seat-exciting basketball isn't your thing, maybe comedy is. One thing you're bound to get when watching these Phoenix Suns is a dose of comedy, whether it's a snarky comment in a halftime or postgame interview (likely with Craig Sager), or a YouTube viral video.



It's okay, you can admit it: you laughed. It's okay, I laughed too.  Who doesn't love a good, awkward video featuring Steve Nash, talking about how awesome Steve Nash is? I know I do.

All joking aside, while our time is swiftly coming to an end, I hope my words have inspired you to give the Phoenix Suns your viewership for the playoffs. Just for the playoffs. If you like what you see, we'll gladly welcome you into the fold. The Suns are kind of like peace. It's a nice idea, but you never know how great it can be until you give it a chance. Plus, you just had a reference to a John Lennon song. You're welcome.

Sincerely yours,
Trevor Paxton