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NFL Mock Draft, Pick 64: Saints Select Toby Gerhart, RB Stanford

The 64th pick is in and SB Nation's Saints community, Canal Street Chronicles, has selected...

Stanford RB Toby Gerhart

From Canal Street Chronicles:

Having a solid back like Gerhart to carry the heavy load on the ground would give Payton just another weapon in his imaginative offense, leaving Reggie Bush and Pierre Thomas free to be special and Drew Brees so much more dangerous.

From Mocking The Draft:

This may be a little early for a team to draft a third running back, but I love it. Everyone knows a power runner is the last piece the Saints offense needs to retain its status as a juggernaut. The draft is deep on defensive players so more additions could be added later. Gerhart is the premier big back in the draft and would give the Saints a good inside running presence.

The Saints have been showing interest in some veteran running backs so I think this is a good choice. The power back is one of the final pieces to the puzzle and will help ensure Reggie Bush and Pierre Thomas have some support back there.

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