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NFL Draft, Live From NYC: We Finally Made It To Radio City

SB Nation’s Andrew Sharp sends this dispatch from New York City…

Apologies that this update’s a little later than expected. The New York City subway system is way too complex for me, so I figured it’d be easier to walk 30 blocks to Radio City. Ten of those blocks included Times Square, we had to stop for food, and… Well, there goes two hours.

Also, the media credentials provided by the NFL don’t kick in until 4 p.m., so I think I’m technically trespassing in Radio City Music Hall right. Nevertheless, we made it! Even have a cell phone photo to prove it!


And really, for the next few hours, the show’s going to be on the outside, among the legions of football fans that made the pilgrimage to Manhattan for tonight’s affair. Just walking around outside Radio City has been half the fun in all this, hearing a bunch of football fans talking trash and getting psyched for tonight. Two quick examples before I get bounced from here by NFL security (until 4:00).

— Guy in a Steelers jersey "…I mean, we just lost Roethlisberger for 6 games. That’s gonna hurt."

— Guy in Raiders jersey "Big deal. We’ve got Jamarcus Russell for 16. That’s gonna hurt a lot more.

And down the street, I heard kid heckling two Jets fans. "So you think you guys can finally win the AFC East this year?" The kids about 14 years-old in a baggy t-shirts, the Jets fans were both about 40, two black guys, and each wearing gigantic Mark Sanchez jerseys.

One of the Jets fans: "Oh most definitely. The Patriots’ time is over. Rex, Santonio, Cromartie… We’re good to know."

14 year-old: "So New England’s done, huh? What about Miami, they’re looking pretty good…"

Same Jets fan: "Miami, man… Yeah, they look good. But who’s their quarterback?"

Other Jets fan: "Miami aint never gonna win the AFC East."

14 year-old: "Oh I know who’s year it is… BUFFALO!"

(Uproarious laughter from all three)

Something all NFL fans can agree on: "Buffalo? Hahahahahahaha." And really, where else would you find grown men skipping work, camped out wearing football jerseys, talking trash with a teenager blatantly skipping school, and camping out himself? You could argue that a lot of interest in the NFL Draft is manufactured by the media, but don’t ever say it’s not awesome.