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2010 NFL Draft, Pick 25: Well, That's Where He'll Go: Tebow Heading To Broncos

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With the 25th pick in the 2010 NFL draft, the Broncos select...

Florida QB Tim Tebow

Josh McDaniels rides with the devil, draft-wise. Wait, maybe that’s a poor metaphor given the player involved: Florida quarterback Tim Tebow, the most scrutinized major NFL prospect in recent memory, hit enough tick marks on the Bronco’s list of wants to merit a first-round draft pick. Let the grand experiment begin, and by experiment we mean Tebow’s occasionally floaty passes traveling in thin mountain air a mile above sea level.

Two pieces of deep irony:

1. Tebow will be handing off to former mortal rival Knowshon Moreno.

2. Tebow was taken before Jimmy Clausen.