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2010 NFL Draft, Pick 30: Detroit Adds Explosiveness With Jahvid Best

With the 30th pick in the NFL Draft, the Detroit Lions select...

RB Jahvid Best

If Jahvid Best can stay on the field in Detroit, this is a phenomenal pickup for the Lions. They've already added Suh to anchor the defense, they've got Matthew Stafford with a promising future on offense, and now, they've got a difference-maker like Best who can break things wide open on offense and in the return game. Yes, Jahvid Best has had several concussions over the course of his career, and it's been considered a red flag for much of the past few months. But at no. 30, for a player that could ultimately be Detroit's Reggie Bush, it's a good risk.

Sorry, Jahvid, but you heard the man.

"Take him to Detroit."