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2010 NFL Draft: Jaguars GM Doesn't Care For The Perception Of Tyson Alualu

SB Nation's Andrew Sharp called the Jaguars selection of DT Tyson Alualu the "WTF moment" of the night. Alualu, coming out of Cal, was a second round prospect on most boards but the Jaguars selected him 10th overall.

The Jags brass were unfazed by that and defended their selection to the media.

"This is not a popularity contest,' Smith told Sports Illustrated. "I don't give a damn about perception. I care about picking the right player for our team. My attitude is, 'You can outsmart people some of the time, but you can outwork them all of the time.' If you can't trust your ability to judge players after all the work you put in on them, you shouldn't be in this business.'

Even if Alualu turns out to be the best player in this draft, this pick will be questioned because they could have traded down a dozen spots, picked up some extra picks in the process, and still nabbed Alualu at a fraction of the price.

SB Nation's Jaguars community, Big Cat Country, is willing to wait it out a little with Alualu.

I'm inclined to trust Gene Smith with this pick, but that doesn't mean I've got to like it. Nothing against Tyson Alualu, I think he's a very good player. I just don't see the value at 10 overall, but as I mentioned in a previous article... I didn't see it with Derek Cox and Terrance Knighton last season, either. For that reason last year, I'm willing to temper the "freak out" and let it play out with Alualu. I had my fair share of the "What the..." moments last night, but i've watched him play, watched tape on him, and watched him in the Senior Bowl. He's a good football player. If he's as good a football player as it seems Gene Smith believes, he should have no problem living up the 10th overall pick.

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