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2010 NFL Draft: Cardinals Not Getting Much Media Attention

When you pick right after Tim Tebow is selected, don't expect much media attention.

SB Nation's Cardinals site, Revenge of the Birds, is talking about the media attention -- or lack thereof -- their first round pick is getting.

You see, two picks before the Cardinals was Dez Bryant and then Tim Tebow. So you could see how the media attention was focused elsewhere.

By then, the Cardinals time to pick had expired and I could see that their "pick was in". At one point they went to a commercial break and I questioned whether or not we'd even get to see the pick or the text would display at the bottom of the screen. When they returned, the draft "experts" were still discussing Tebow. They almost seemed irritated that they had to stop speaking for the commissioner to announce the Cardinals selection.

That's what happens when you pick right after Tim Tebow is selected.