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2010 NFL Draft, Pick 51: Vikings Select Stanford RB Toby Gerhart

The Texans have traded the 51st overall pick of the 2010 NFL Draft to the Vikings. With this pick, the Vikings select...

Stanford RB Toby Gerhart

Our Vikings blog, Daily Norseman, is surprised by this pick, but very happy:

Whoa. Totally did not see this coming, but I LOVE this pick.

The Vikings moved up to the Houston Texans' spot at #51 to select the Heisman Trophy candidate out of Stanford. To make the move, the Vikings gave up their second round pick (#62 overall) and their third-round selection (#93 overall).

After the Vikings lost Chester Taylor this off-season, they needed someone to fill the backup RB/potential third down back role on the roster, and they couldn't ask for much more than what they got in Gerhart