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2010 NFL Draft, Pick 60: Seahawks Select WR Golden Tate

With the 60th pick in the 2010 NFL draft, the Seahawks select...

Notre Dame WR Golden Tate

This is an interesting pick.

Golden Tate went to Notre Dame, who's biggest rival is USC, who was coached by Pete Carroll, who is now the Seahawks head coach. Does that make any sense? Interesting situation there.

Tate will be a slot receiver in Seattle. The Seahawks were in on the Brandon Marshall trade talks so you know they wanted a receiver.

Tate comes from a pro-style offense so he should be able to make a nice transition to the NFL.

Here's the take from our Seahawks blog, Field Gulls:

He is not a traditional receiver. Tate is the new receiver. He's an absolute bulldog after the catch. Tate powers through corners. He excels at screen passes and short routes. Tate can be a quarterback's best friend. The kind of receiver that takes a little and explodes for a lot. In a different passing environment, his limitations might upend him. In the new passing environment, corners playing off, physical coverage barred, spread-style offenses everywhere, Tate could be the new big thing.

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