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2010 NFL Draft, Pick 64: Saints Select USC OT Charles Brown

With the 64th pick in the 2010 NFL draft, the Saints select...

USC OT Charles Brown

The Saints were rumored to be shopping Jammal Brown so I can see the logic behind this pick.

Drew Brees is the Saints most important asset right now so it makes sense they're putting the pieces in place to protect him.

Our Saints blog, Canal Street Chronicles, is satisfied with the pick:

Another shocking draft choice from the New Orleans Saints this year as they select offensive tackle Charles Brown from - surprise, surprise - USC. The Saints have yet to address their need at linebacker and on the defensive line in this years draft.

Not to be confused with Charles Brown the musician and singer of my favorite Christmas song, however, the left tackle was probably the best value with the 64th pick and highest rated player left on the board. And remember, Drew Brees is the most important piece of this puzzle. Drafting Brown is a statement that says the Saints are serious about making sure Drew's protected. It's also says they may not be so confident in Jammal Brown and Jermon Bushrod.

This has to be a sure sign that the Saints are ready to part ways with Pro-Bowl left tackle Jammal Brown. We can't have two left tackles named Brown. It'll just get too confusing.

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