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Hold Up, Dawgs: Logan Gray May Just Need To Be Loved

Via the same WUOG sportsbro who informed us last night that Georgia quarterback Logan Gray asked to be released from the Bulldogs, we're told he's been asked by the coaches to consider staying on. Now it's not out of the realm of possibility that Gray, after putting three years and untold hours into this team only to drop behind two redshirt freshmen on the depth chart, just needed a little hair ruffle and a few gentle rumblings from Papa Richt. But SBN's DawgSports reminds us to consider that, although Gray would be leaving the team in a precarious position if he left Athens, wanting to blow town doesn't make him a bad guy:

I imagine that Logan Gray also senses that his window is closing and that his story as a college football player has rounded the setup and is headed toward denouement. Logan Gray does not want his to be the tale of a career backup. Frankly, I don't blame him. The kid came out of high school as a highly-touted star. He could have gone to any number of Big XII schools (including the University of Missouri, right there in his hometown). Instead he chose to strike out for the SEC because it is the SEC. Logan Gray came south to the premiere conference in college football to be Peyton Manning, not Chris Smelley.

For now, Gray's career is on hold, and so is Bulldog nation. And speaking of DawgSports, they're where you'll want to keep your internet dialed for further developments.