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How About, 'I Hate Duke Like I Hate Jay Leno,' Instead?

There's a scene in last night's episode of "Glee" that's got America's petticoats all in a twist. (Well, some of America.) (OK, mostly just Duke fans.) (Who all wear petticoats.) In it, a widower finds common ground in college basketball with the son of the woman he's dating, remarking, "I hate Duke like I hate the Nazis."

Having seen the episode myself (no it's awesome no YOU SHUT UP), I can attest that it was a throwaway line at most, and I'm almost positive the show's writing staff isn't saying good hardworking middle Americans hate Duke because their basketball team committed genocide. But in the interest of peacemongering, and because it's a long time until next March, let's take this down a notch. How would you characterize your feelings for Duke basketball instead, without invoking Godwin's Law?