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Pitchers Are Selectively Delicate

So, just as Brad Lidge makes his return, Ryan Madson gets himself sent off to the DL. Why? Because, as you've probably heard by now, he got angry and kicked a chair, breaking his toe.


It's a stupid injury, and a pointless one, but one that is in no way unprecedented. Just in the past few years, we've seen Jeff Bennett hurt his hand punching a door, John Bale hurt his hand punching a door, Neal Musser hurt his finger punching a chair, Kevin Brown hurt his hand punching a door, and Kyle Farnsworth hurt his knee kicking a fan. And that's not the complete list. That's just the end of my Googling.


Pitchers get mad, pitchers do stupid things, and pitchers hurt themselves. People always say that pitching is a dangerous activity because overhand throwing is an unnatural motion, but the danger is due as much to issues off the field as it is to issues on it.


Athletes are supposed to be cut from a superior physical cloth, but it seems appropriate that the only kind of force a pitcher's body can withstand is a calamitous blow to the skull.