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Capitals 3, Bruins 2 (OT): The NHL's Eastern Playoff Race Following Monday Night

There was only one game on Monday night that had any impact on either playoff race. Washington beat Boston 3-2 in overtime, giving the Bruins what could potentially be a gigantic one point. They now sit in seventh place at 85 points, one point ahead of eighth place Philadelphia.

Here's our handy chart:

 TEAM #6 Montreal (86 pts) #7 Boston (85 pts) #8 Philadelphia (84 pts) #9 NY Rangers (82 pts) #10 Atlanta (81 pts)
 Tuesday at Islanders at Maple Leafs at Sabres vs Devils
 Wednesday vs Maple Leafs
 Thursday at Hurricanes vs Sabres
 Friday at Rangers vs Flyers at Capitals
 Saturday vs Maple Leafs vs Hurricanes vs Penguins
 Sunday at Capitals vs Rangers at Flyers


So how does Boston's one point impact the rest of the playoff race in the East?

A loss would have helped the Flyers a ton, because it would've given Philly seventh-place and control of that spot the rest of the way out thanks to tiebreakers. The extra point for Boston keeps them in control of that position, even though the Flyers can take it temporarily with a win over Toronto on Tuesday.