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J.D. Walton NFL Draft scouting report

J.D. Walton
6'2, 5/8, 300 pounds | Center | Baylor

Started 36 consecutive games for Baylor and is known as a heady performer. Does a nice job of pickng up blitzes and stunts. Adjusts very fast.

Initial quickness: Walton's snap motion is fast, but his feet don't match his arms. Doesn't come from a system where he has to move his feet and drive. Quick thinker pre-snap. Not asked to cut block much and looked a little slow when doing so.

Movement/Space: Really should not be considered for a scheme that uses its center on the move. Struggles to get out in the open field and engage moving targets. Uses correct angles in the short area, but gets tangled up when on the move.

Pass blocking: Fires the ball out and quickly gets into his stance.  Bends too much at the waist in pass protection and loses leverage. Keeps a wide base to hold his ground but can be pushed back by powerful bull rushers. Still, he shows a good slide move to kick outside.  Really great when he's helping on double teams. Doesn't get in the other lineman's way and knows which angle to take on a defender to neutralize him.

Run blocking: Is a power run blocker who held his own against the likes of Ndamukong Suh and Gerald McCoy in 2009. Has a very strong upper body, which he uses to rag doll defensive tackles. Doesn't have the longest arms to keep defenders out of his frame. Had a tendency to lean into his opponent too much losing position. Has a great toughness to his game that will excite some teams.

Size: Has good size and a thick build. Isn't too tall, but he should be. Arms are slightly below average in length. Not a fat offensive lineman.

Strength: Very powerful in his upper body. Knows how to use his strength in run and pass blocking. Can be a physical presence inside, especially when he's helping on double teams.

Technique: Spent a majority of his time at Baylor snapping out of the shotgun. May need to adjust his technique some. Comes out of his stance too high and needs to be more of a knee bender.

Final word: Walton is a three-year starter who has the makings of a solid NFL center. He gets the ball off quick but can be slow into his stance. Walton made his name with his effort and power. He's one of the most intense linemen in this year's class and was a leader of Baylor's offense.