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Mountain West Conference Making Coy Flutter-Eyes At Boise State

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The Mountain West is getting the mid-majors into the conference-expansion game, extending its grasp into Idaho for the WAC's only argument for national relevance, the Boise State Broncos. In a refreshing departure from the Big Ten's willy-nilly, "we maybe want one team and we maybe want four BECAUSE WE SAID SO YOU'RE NOT THE BOSS OF US [makes 'call me' hand signs at Notre Dame]" approach, the need for BSU in the MWC is both tangible and sensical:

In the case of the next BCS negotiations, the four-year period in question will be 2008-11, and though the MWC's "Big Three" – BYU, TCU and Utah – have the conference in good standing so far according to requirements a) and c), the bottom half of the league is a 1,000-pound anchor when it comes to the second requirement, the one about the average finish of the entire conference.

The Broncos would have to be in the conference fold by 2011 for this to work, but even if this does drag out into another summer-long ordeal, at least the MWC doesn't have its own TV network, so we'll be spared the incessant media onslaught that comes with -- wait, what?? Aww, man. We're all doomed.