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Miami Football Brings Swagger To The Classroom

Good news from the ACC outside of basketball season is a rare phenomenon, but here you go: The Miami football renaissance is apparently making Renaissance men out of the 'Canes:

UM joined Ivy league schools and other top colleges after having posted a multi-year APR score in the top 10 percent. Miami was the only Bowl Championship Subdivision team among the 26 schools recognized that finished ranked in the final USA Today Coaches Poll and Associated Press poll after the 2009 season. UM and Duke were the only two Atlantic Coast Conference football programs recognized.

Other D-I programs on the list include Northwestern, Rice, the Air Force Academy, and Notre Dame (and curiously not Vanderbilt). And if there's any justice to this at all, Randy Shannon has implemented a secret system whereby the 'Canes get to pull a certain number of outlandish stunts for every player on track to receive a diploma. The thought of a Miami team simultaneously returned to the headline-grabbing glory years of Michael Irvin and Uncle Luke and upping graduation rates ... they'd be nigh-untouchable by any moralizing pundit. It is almost too glorious to contemplate.