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ESPN Becomes LeBron James Free Agency Network

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This morning, the laboratories of SB Nation Science had a hypothesis that at least 50% of Friday's hour-long SportsCenter would be devoted to LeBron James in some manner. So, we tested it. The results:


Of the 42 minutes Sportscenter spent on the air (commercials make up the other 18 minutes), 25 minutes were devoted to coverage of Lebron James and his future in Cleveland. (That's nearly 60% of the time. Hypothesis confirmed.) Only seven were spent talking about  the Celtics, the team that dominated Lebron and the Cavs throughout the series, and is still alive in the playoffs.


Six of the eight MLB games that were played Thursday were not mentioned; including a game-saving play at the plate in Baltimore, and a walk-off hit in extra innings by Vladimir Guererro.


In those 25 minutes of LeBron-centric coverage, I watched countless analysts and beat writers give their expert opinion on which jersey Lebron will be wearing next season. They mentioned a number of possibilities, but ultimately came to the same conclusion: "Well, umm...I don't really know yet." Its going to be a loooooong six weeks.