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Habs Blog: Game 2 A Must Win For Montreal

The Flyers embarrassed the Canadiens on Sunday night. It was a 6-0 domination by Philadelphia, who believe it or not wasn't really happy with the effort they put in during the game. For Montreal, though, they saw a Flyers team that is absolutely rolling right now -- winners of five straight playoff games, including four straight to make an historic comeback against Boston.

At SBN's Habs Eyes On The Prize, they think their team needs to stop watching and start doing the things that have made them successful so far this postseason.

In trying to figure another explanation for Monday's debacle, it could be that the Canadiens were showing just a tad too much respect for a Flyer team that had just pulled off the greatest series comeback in 35 seasons. Perhaps a little too in awe of their new rivals, it looked as though the Habs pulled up a front row to watch this phenom go by. Now that the fascination has sunk in, the lingering emotions from Monday's humiliation are sure to take over.

The mantra will again be to put aside the various assets the Flyers own, treat every threat as one, and play the shackle brand that put them though as underdogs biting the ankles of giants.

Montreal has to tighten it up their own end, frustrating the Flyers just as they did the Capitals and Penguins.

The Canadiens need to get back to the unpretty methods that have worked for them in the past month, otherwise the dream season could be over swiftly.