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Diego Maradona Is The Argentine Wario, Runs Over Cameraman

Diego Maradona's tenure as Argentina's national team coach really has been one of the underreported stories in the United States, which is a shame because train wrecks are train wrecks no matter the sport.

Maradona started off his tenure by suffering the worst defeat in Argentine history early, losing 6-1 to Bolivia. He then channeled SNL Sean Connery by telling reporters to "suck it and keep on sucking it," earned a two month ban from FIFA for this, and had to postpone starting World Cup prep after his dog bit him in the face.  In summary: it's been fantastic-pants awesome for everyone. 

Yesterday, he capped this by running over a cameraman's leg while driving his tiny blue Mini leaving practice. 

Maradona, seeing what had happened, told the reporter this according to witnesses: 

"What an asshole you are," Maradona shouted from the car. "How can you put your leg there where it can get run over, man?"

Oh, this is going to be just splendid. Lions haven't been seen in the Johannesburg or Cape Town areas in over a half-century, but if any manager can manage to be attacked by lions on the field of play, it will be Maradona. Now try after watching that not to imagine him as a stomach-stapled Wario driving around a Mario Kart track in that car. World Cup forecast? He's a-gonna win. (HT: U.P.)