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Virginia Women's Lacrosse Season Ends, Legacy Just Begins

Winning the National Title would have been the natural, storybook ending to the 2010 Virginia women's lacrosse team season.  Unfortunately, that storybook closed on Saturday when the Cavaliers lost 17-7 to North Carolina.  That loss kept Virginia from joining the men's team in the Final Four.

Michael Phillips of the Richmond Times-Dispatch says that the players from this squad will now move on to the next phases of their lives.  Almost all of them will never play lacrosse again.  And yet the sport and this team will be a part of them for the rest of their lives.

Starting tomorrow, they will scatter around the country. Some are headed to jobs or summer internships, others to vacations and family and all the other things college students do with two months of free time.

But the 2010 Virginia women's lacrosse team forever will be linked by a season interrupted by the ultimate adversity - the death of senior teammate Yeardley Love.

The belated honors for Love continued to roll in this weekend as well.  Yeardley was awarded a posthumous diploma from Virginia.  A $500,000 memorial scholarship has also been started in Love's name and is currently more than halfway to its goal.