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Flyers Blog: Avoid Another Trip To Montreal 'At All Costs'

From SBN's Broad Street Hockey...

Yes, NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly will be in Philadelphia tonight, as will the Prince of Wales Trophy. But before the Flyers start thinking about whether or not they'll touch that trophy, they need to dispatch the Habs one more time. As we've learned in these playoffs, it's not easy to win that final game. Just ask Boston.

It's important that the Flyers don't look ahead tonight. With a loss in Game 5 against a Habs team that has been on the brink five times this postseason, the Flyers would have to travel back north to Montreal for a Game 6 in front of a rejuvenated Bell Centre. Much like in the Flyers semifinal series with the Bruins, a win in Game 5 for the team down 3-1 could be a huge swing in the series.

The Flyers need to avoid it at all costs.

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