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Daniel Snyder: Washington D.C. Should Host A Super Bowl 'No Matter What'

One of the concerns regarding the awarding of a Super Bowl to a cold-weather city like New York is that other owners would come out and demand request their cold-weather city have the opportunity to host a Super Bowl.

That has already started. Down at the NFL owners meetings, the Washington Post caught up with Redskins owner Daniel Snyder.

"I think Washington should get one, no matter what," Snyder said. "It is the nation's capital."    

Don't blame Snyder here. The Super Bowl is a financial windfall for anyone and everyone involved so it would be in his best interest to get a game there.

Snyder's the first to suggest his cold-weather city deserves a Super Bowl in light of the possibility of a New York Super Bowl but expect more owners to express similar sentiments.