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NFL Owners Meetings: The Agenda In Dallas, TX

The NFL owners will gather in Dallas, TX on Tuesday for one day of meetings. Joining the party will be Commissioner Roger Goodell, who is expected to address the ruling in the American Needle case, among other things.

Here's a rundown of the top items at Tuesday's meeting:

2014 Super Bowl site

The league is expected to make a decision regarding the next in line for a Super Bowl. The candidates are Tampa, South Florida and New York.

The favorite: New York

It would be the first cold-weather Super Bowl. At least 11 owners have expressed in the last two months a willingness to vote for a New York Super Bowl.

One concern with New York is that it would likely cause other owners in cold-weather cities to request a Super Bowl.

New OT rules for regular season

The league passed the new overtime rules for the playoffs at the March meetings. Will there be a vote for the regular season?

They were expected by many to address the topic on Tuesday but recent developments have suggested they won't even hold a vote. reported on Monday there "doesn't seem to be enough interest" from the owners to warrant a vote.

The issue will likely come up again at the next set of meetings but apparently not on Tuesday.

St. Louis Rams sale

The owners are also expected to discuss the proposed sale of the Rams to Stan Kroenke. This process won't be so cut and dry.

The league has rules on cross-ownership but Kroenke is reportedly willing to transfer to his wife ownership of his NBA and NHL franchises in Denver.

The owners will discuss Kroenke's ownership bid and preceding transfer. It's a good sign that Saints owner Tom Benson has already vouched for Kroenke's bid.