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Phil Steele Goes Out On A Limb And Has Oklahoma Number One

The most in-depth and most accurate college football magazine belongs to Phil Steele. Selected media received advance copies of this year's magazine, and ESPN's Pat Forde sent out the top ten via his twitter account:

10. Oregon

9. Miami

8. USC

7. Florida

6. Boise State

5. Nebraska

4. TCU

3. Alabama

2. Ohio State

1. Oklahoma

Phil Steele has been known to go to be bold with his rankings such as last year putting Notre Dame in his top ten, and most notably having Oregon outside of his top 30.  Putting Oklahoma at number puts Steele out on his own since every other ranking has the Sooners hovering around the top 10, and the top spot is occupied by either Ohio State or Alabama.  Does, Mr. Steele realize that the Sooners had three of the first four picks in the NFL Draft, are returning only four defensive starters, and went 8-5.

Phil Steele will look like a genius if Oklahoma ends up in Glendale, or will be laughed at if Oklahoma goes 9-4 and is in the Bowl.