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Patrick Kane Asks Female Reporter About Mullet Quality

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Patrick Kane's mullet is pretty amazing. So amazing, in fact, that the Blackhawks are selling shirts with a mullet theme. When he was inevitably asked the question at Thursday's media day, "What do the ladies think of your mullet?," he was baffled. Luckily, there was a lady amongst the throng of reporters.

From CSN Philly's Sarah Baicker on Twitter (several tweets have been mashed together here):

OK, Patrick Kane just made me blush. Kane was asked how the ladies liked his mullet. He said he wasn't sure. Then he stops, looks at me and says, "Tell me what YOU think of it." And I was like, "Oh, uh, it's... OK?" That mullet, I will say, is darn near Jagr-esque. If he keeps it a few more weeks... who knows.

Mullet mania has officially reached the Stanley Cup Final.