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Broncos: 'Who Wouldn't Want A Super Bowl?'

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Predictably more and more teams are coming out and expressing interest in hosting a Super Bowl now that the NFL has awarded the game to a cold-weather, non-domed stadium in New York.

The Broncos are the latest team to express interest although they're not as optimistic as others.

"Who wouldn't want to host the Super Bowl?" said Joe Ellis, the Broncos' chief operating officer. "But the weather guidelines say New York is a one-time exception. Pat's inclination would be to wait and see how it goes in New York. Our expectation is that it will remain a one-time exception to the rule. But you never know."

This is probably the right attitude. While a Super Bowl in a cold-weather city is neat, the owners likely realize that New York is an exception because it's the home of the NFL offices as well as the country's largest media market.