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Alabama Fans: If Confidence Counts, They've Already Won

Repeating as national champions in college football in the modern age is very, very difficult. Since scholarship restrictions came down in 1991 only one team has successfully repeated as national champions: Nebraska, whose 1994 and 1995 teams ranked among the greatest to ever play the game. (Especially the horrifying beast of the ’95 team.)


No team since then has pulled off a title defense, though USC did split the title in ‘03 before earning it outright in ’04. Alabama is this year’s defender of the crown, and if confidence were points Bama would be starting with 21 on the board and a voucher for a field goal available anytime in the second half, since a whopping 52 percent of Alabama fans in Roll Bama Roll’s fan poll believe they will run the table to a repeat national title.


You could mention here that they have to replace nine starters on defense, play a very difficult schedule, and win a conference championship game before reappearing in the national title game, or you could do something more productive like adding a final option on the poll: “HOO-WEE THREEPEAT BABY!”


This is the SEC, after all. We’ve never let facts get in the way of our expectations, football-wise and beyond.