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Akron Football Loses '09 Sack Leader Following Text Message Buffoonery

I'm inexplicably signed up for an Akron football boosters email list that I can't remove myself from despite repeated pleas and threats, so I sort of understand Zips DE Shawn Lemon's pain. Lemon wasn't feeling particularly comfortable with the new staff under Rob Ianello and was considering his options, when this happened:

While reconsidering his decision this week, Lemon received an inadvertent text message from Ianello, intended for athletic director Tom Wistrcill. The message suggested that Lemon had spoke about transferring before, and he may be doing it to seek attention.

That was apparently the last straw for Lemon, who is putting together his highlight tapes and has prepared his transfer documents.

The Akron athletic department's ineptitude with modern technology: Mid-major football's silent killer. 

HT: The Sporting Blog.