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Gilbert Arenas Released From Halfway House, Forgets Home Lock Combination

Gilbert Arenas has officially finished his 30-day sentence in a halfway house in Montgomery County, Maryland, according to Joseph White of the AP. Arenas pretty much kept a low profile, declining interview requests and doing his time. 

But there was one unfortunate side effect to Arenas' halfway house stay: he forgot the combination to his gated driveway. As White writes:

He tried several times to punch the combination on the keypad to enter his gated driveway. After several failed attempts, he muttered "Alrighty," got out of his car and yelled toward the house for help. A woman inside the house yelled out the code. Arenas punched it in and drove into his driveway.    

Talk about irony - instead of being locked in jail, which he avoided, Arenas was ultimately locked out of his house, for a short time at least.

Arenas is now on probation, where he will have to report to the Fairfax County Office of Probation and Parole. He has begun serving the mandated 400 hours of community service at the halfway house and will continue to do so now that he has been released.