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JaMarcus Russell's Next Stop Could Be The CFL

Already a few teams are starting to publicly dismantle any rumblings that they might be interested in JaMarcus Russell. The Saints are the latest team to say they're not interested in Russell despite the need for a backup quarterback.

If he stays in the NFL, Russell is surely headed for a backup job, at best. But what if he leaves the NFL and heads to, say, the CFL? Michael Lombardi of National Football Post is hearing that may be his next move.

My sources tell me Russell will have a tough time finding a gig in the NFL -- maybe next offseason, but right now teams are moving forward with their players and seem unwilling to overlook the lack of dedication Russell displays. He’ll have to do something, anything, to win fans back, and going to the CFL is a way to begin the process.

That would be an amazing drop-off for Russell. No. 1 overall pick and nearly $40 million to competing for a spot in the CFL.

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