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New Jersey Governor Wants You To Know Super Bowl Is Not In New York

The 2014 Super Bowl is being described as a New York Super Bowl but that's not technically true. The game will be played in the home stadium of the New York Jets and New York New Jersey.

Chris Christie, governor of New Jersey, has taken issue with the idea of a New York Super New Jersey.

"Those comments would come from the geographically challenged,'' Christie said, "I'm looking out that door, and it's New Jersey, and I look where that stadium is, and it's New Jersey, and when everybody gets on the train or in their cars or on buses, they're going to be coming to that game in New Jersey.''

Christie's point is technically correct. Then again, New Jersey isn't the No. 1 media capital in the country. It's not the home of the NFL offices. It's not the namesake of the two teams that are hosting the game in their new stadium.

The point is there's too much to be gained by calling it New York vs. New Jersey and I don't think many people care if Christie disagrees with that.