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Daniel Nava Hits Grand Slam On His First Major League Pitch

Kevin Kouzmanoff now has some company. On Saturday, Red Sox outfielder Daniel Nava made his first major league plate appearance. With the bases loaded, Nava sent the first pitch he saw into the right field seats to put his team up, 5-2.


Some fun facts:
1. Nava is the fourth player ever to hit a grand slam during his first major league at-bat.
2. Nava is the second (first was Kouzmanoff in 2006) to hit the first major league pitch he saw for a grand slam.
3. Nava is only the second player in baseball history named Nava. The first was Sandy Nava, who retired from the game in 1886. Sandy never hit a big-league home run, but he was the first-ever Mexican-American to play baseball.
4. Nava ought to retire right now, because his career OPS stands at 5.000.