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Tom Izzo Professes Endless Love For Michigan State

Coaches are perhaps the most proficient sorts of people at speaking out of three sides of their mouths simultaneously, but Tom Izzo left no room for speculation Tuesday night as he shot down reports he might leave the Spartans for the Cleveland Cavaliers:

It's been an agonizing week as I tried to make a decision about a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I apologize for the time the process has taken, but sometimes there are opportunities that come about that must be thoroughly examined. I'm no different than any other successful coach in that I've had multiple inquiries before, but this one was uniquely intriguing. There was a lot of information to gather and consider and some of it wasn't easily obtainable. But when making a life decision, I owed it to myself and my family to do my due diligence. From that I never wavered. And I'm pleased to say I am here for life at Michigan State.

Well, that's direct. And a warm welcome back to our favorite John Calipari jokes! We've missed you dreadfully.