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The World Cup Vuvuzela Meets Photoshop And The Internet Rejoices

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The vuvuzela may be tuned out, if you're the kind of hater who demands the same uniform experience wherever you go without irritation or the fun of being someplace not exactly like your couch. Poor you! There's a buzzing sound on the television and you have to hit mute! WILL YOUR TORTURES NEVER END?

The rest of us who wouldn't have been left for the crows two hundred years ago will soldier on and even love the vuvuzela, the buzzing horn seemingly made for both South Africans to blow and for the internet to weave into its web of photoshop genius. 


With a month to go this will get out of hand, so let's enjoy a retrospective of the finest tributes to the Southern Hemisphere's farting pep horn from Hell. 





The award for finest work, however, goes to the immortal Jose3030, who may have already scored a true GOLAZO with this piece: