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Dan Beebe Is Not To Be Underestimated (Until Next Time)

Big 12 commish Dan Beebe has a weirdly-shaped head, a funny last name, and up until a couple days ago was made out to be a complete sissypants by sneering media outlets convinced his conference was falling apart around his pink ears. And one might be forgiven for thinking that Pac-10 smack of his making the rounds is in poor taste, given how close he came to losing everything:

For those considering possible membership in the Pac 10, I hope that full consideration is given to the student-athlete and fan experience. I grew up in Pac 10 territory and although there are outstanding institutions in the conference, the facilities and fair weather fans are a disappointment. I suggest that the fan support for their regular season game and championships, and the accompanying image that projects, should be carefully examined.

But check the date on that white paper. Dan Beebe wrote this on the first of June, well in advance of the Big 12 nearly skidding off the rails. Say what you will about the way he handled things, dragging the major programs back into the fold with carrots made entirely of money. But that kind of spite aforethought will serve him well the next time would-be poachers set his empire wobbling again. (Which, again, will be in less than a year.)