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Jerry Jones To Big 12: You're Not Done Yet

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Jerry Jones didn't build the state-of-the-art new Cowboys' Stadium so that he could lose major sporting events.  However, for the time being, that Big 12 Championship game that he was just awarded indefinitely went away the moment Nebraska and Colorado bolted the conference. 

The Big 12 says they have no plans to expand from here, which does Jerry no good.  So, it's time for Jones to do something he rarely the media.

Jones, according to a source familiar with his thinking, wants his alma mater to play in a league with former Southwest Conference rivals Texas and Texas A&M. A visionary, Jones sees the Big 12 expanding with Arkansas and Notre Dame. Such a conference alignment turns on TV sets across America and sends cash gushing out of Big 12 faucets everywhere.

What?  You expected Jerry Jones to think small?

This "leak" helps make sense of Arkansas' statement earlier in the day pledging allegiance to the SEC when it seemed as though no one was asking them to.  Of course, if anyone has the pull to force Arkansas' hand, it's the school's most high-profile alum. 

As for the Notre Dame bit, well, it's gonna take a heckuva lot more than bravado and the promise of some Cowboy Stadium nachos to make the Irish consider a move like that.

The major moves might be done in conference expansion for this round, but the posturing for the next phase has only just begun.