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A Manute Bol Tribute, Complete With Video

On Saturday, Manute Bol passed away at 47. While his humanitarian efforts were more significant than anything one can do on a basketball court, he's contributed moments to the sport that we won't soon forget. I'd like to start by sharing this image, because I kind of have to.


Manute Bol, the tallest man in basketball, with Muggsy Bogues, the shortest man in basketball. Anyone who has been on the Internet for longer than three and a half minutes has already seen this, but speaking for myself, I never grow tired of it.

After the jump, please observe a video containing my two favorite Manute Bol highlights.

Watching Manute shoot threes is such a bizarre experience. It doesn't even look like he's actually "shooting" it. It's more like he's pushing it up an invisible ramp or something. Consider this: the height difference between the rim and Manute Bol was roughly the height difference between Bol and Muggsy Bogues. Maybe Manute and the rim held a certain understanding.

My favorite on-court Manute moment, though, can be seen at 0:33 here. Four consecutive blocks. I laugh every time I see it. He was playing whack-a-mole without a mallet.

I was too young to appreciate basketball much while Manute Bol was playing, but I knew who he was. I think everyone did. And to his credit, he will be remembered as much more than simply, "INCREDIBLY TALL MAN." We'll miss him.