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ESPN Has The LeBron Tracker, But We Have The Sean Maydar

Everyone's been wondering about where LeBron James will end up this summer, and for good reason. He is, you know, LeBron James. But at the same time, there are other important free agents on the market this year, and none of them have a page that tracks every single rumor imaginable about them.

That is, until now. While those ESPN guys focus on LeBron, we at SB Nation understand that the real free agent prize this summer is none other than Sacramento's Sean May. He's strong, he's big, and he won an NCAA Championship. Can LeBron say he did all of those things? I didn't think so. I rest my case.

So it's about time for someone to create a Sean May tracker. Thanks to the great work of Akis Yerocosostas (@Aykis16) of SB Nation's Kings blog Sactown Royalty, we at SB Nation have done just that. Check out the "Sean Maydar" below the jump:

(Click on both images to see them full size.)


Compared to ESPN's LeBron tracker, I think the Sean Maydar wins.