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PICTURE: Armando Galarraga's Perfect Game Taken Away By Jim Joyce

Detroit's Armando Galarraga was one out away from tossing a perfect game against the Indians Wednesday night. Jason Donald, Cleveland's No. 9 hitter, hit a weak ground ball in-between first and second, drawing Tigers first baseman Miguel Cabrera away from the bag, meaning Galarraga had to race to cover.

Cabrera fielded the ball cleanly, and tossed it Galarraga, hitting him in stride as the pitcher stepped on the bag a half-step before Donald. Unfortunately for Galarraga, the Tigers and the Tigers fans, umpire Jim Joyce saw it differently.


Donald was called safe, ending the perfect game.

Galarraga just pitched the league's most disappointing complete game, one-hit shutout.

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(Images via Jose3030)