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Umpire Jim Joyce 'Utterly Distraught' After Botched Call

For tonight, Jim Joyce has just become the greatest villain in the sports world and the prime example for those advocating for expanded replay in baseball. That's not something that's bound to make a umpire feel good, and accordingly Joyce is in a bad place.

According to reporter Dave Hogg, Joyce has owned up to his error and feels none too pleased about it.

Jim Joyce was utterly distraught when we talked to him. "Biggest call of my career, and I kicked the s**t out of it."

Joyce said he didn't know if he would try to talk to Galarraga. "I don't know what to do. I just cost that kid a perfect game."
Joyce: "That wasn't a call. That was a history call. And I missed it from here to this wall."

It's not going to quell the anger and frustration of the masses, but it's certainly a start.