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ND's Chris Stewart To Tackle (Sorry) Law School In His Senior Season

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Chris Stewart, a senior starting guard for Notre Dame, is one special kid, and not just because he's a Notre Dame football player and therefore one of God's Prettiest Chosen.  He's already got his undergraduate degree (with honors), and he's apparently into high-wire acts: This fall, Stewart will attempt the seemingly impossible feat of balancing his commitment to the Fighting Irish with the demanding schedule of a first-year law student. Football players in particular are notorious for being shepherded into easy programs and having academic hurdles cleared for him, but to hear him tell it, this was all Stewart's doing:

"I'm in. I wasn't let in. I had to earn my way in. I studied for the LSAT without the months of practice most students have. I had a month and a half. I just had some Kaplan books, worked on the logic games, the arguments, the reading comp, essays and then I had a tutor from the law school and that was it. I must have taken five or six timed tests. They last about four or five hours each. I'm blessed and glad that it worked out."

As much of a a laughing matter as Notre Dame's football program might be, its law school is for real. Stewart will not have an easy go of it. But it sounds as if he's got a healthy support system in place, and if he makes it through, he'll have a willing client base waiting for him on the other side as the world's first pastry lawyer.